Plunge into the waves of Schouwen-Duiveland

If there is one thing we have plenty of on Schouwen-Duiveland, it’s water. Go surfing, standup paddling, diving, sailing, floating, plunging, splashing, we don’t mind. Whatever floats your boat.

For - water sports fans

  • Wingsurfing and windsurfing

    The wind here is perfect for all kinds of surfing.

  • Surfing in the North Sea.

    Ride the wild waves of the North Sea.

  • Standup paddling: the ultimate workout

    Face the elements of the sea on your SUP board.

  • Sail & motor boats

    Rent a boat, discover the islands and face the wind, the waves and the current.

  • Kitesurfing: carried by the wind

    The wind and the waves. That's all a kitesurfer needs.

  • Diving and snorkeling

    Dive into the underwater world of the Oosterschelde and the Grevelingenmeer.

Seal safari

Discover the Oosterschelde on a boat trip and learn everything about this special nature area. Watch water birds and seals (pack your binoculars!). With a little luck, you might even spot a porpoise.

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Discover the water - on Schouwen-Duiveland

Water sports for all

On Schouwen-Duiveland no one stays dry. Experienced surfers face the high North Sea waves. Are you still learning to keep your balance on the board? The waves of saltwater Lake Grevelingen are calmer, making it a great spot to practice. Wanna take it slow today? Float in the cool water or practice your balance while stand-up paddling. Or go on a seal safari.