Culinary experience

You got to experience Schouwen-Duiveland with all your senses. The wind in your hair and the salty taste of the sea on your lips. The best way to discover our island is through your taste buds. You can try the most delicious treats, such as wine and mussels. This island is full of mouth-watering spots.

Local treasures

On the island, we consider mussels and oysters a delicacy. Just like algae and seaweed. Fresh from the Oosterschelde and the North Sea, our island chefs use them in their most delicious plates. Did you know that sea vegetables can only be picked with a permit? Luckily, everyone is allowed to collect seafood. For personal use, of course. Put on your wellies, bring a bucket, and go to the beach. Happy beachcombing!

The flavors of our island

Locally grown

Salty and sweet. These are the main flavors of the regional products on Schouwen-Duiveland. Sweet as our fruit or the even more sugary bolus pastries. Salty as the famous Oosterschelde lobster, mossels (mussels), and freshly smoked eel. If that's not enough, we serve a glass of North Sea white wine. Or our gin - which is as unruly and strong as the wind that often blows here. Proost!

Discover our regional delicacies

Culinary hotspots