De Nicolaaskerk Brouwershaven

The Nicolaaskerk, also known as the Grote or Sint Nicolaaskerk, is an impressive monument located in Brouwershaven, a picturesque harbor town on the Grevelingen. This medieval church is dedicated to Saint Nicholas and dates back to the 15th century. The oldest part of the church consists of the choir, ambulatory and chapels, which have been preserved to this day.

Upon entering, you will immediately notice the light, spacious interior with authentic elements that take you back in time. The imposing organ, with a beautifully gilded organ case from 1557, is one of the highlights of this church. The excellent acoustics of the building also make it an ideal location for concerts and other events. The Nicolaaskerk has been expanded over the centuries and now measures an impressive 82.5 meters in length, 28.5 meters in width, and almost 25 meters in height.


Kerkplein 3
4318 EB Brouwershaven
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