Het Koepeltje Scharendijke

The Koepeltje in Scharendijke is a historic lookout point that traditionally served as a shelter for a 'land guard'. During times of war, this lookout post was of great importance in detecting approaching enemy ships in time and preventing possible landings. The Koepeltje was also called a guardhouse or Sentinel and was established as early as 1598 by the Gecommitteerde Raden of Zeeland. Even during the First World War, The Koepeltje was still used as a lookout post.

Unfortunately, The Koepeltje Scharendijke was destroyed by a fire in the year 2000. However, on behalf of the Renesse Foundation, the Koepeltje was rebuilt in 2001. Yet, the Koepeltje was once again the victim of fire in July 2009 and April 2011. In November 2011, it was once again delivered, this time with a zinc roof. Visitors can hike to this sheltered location and enjoy the impressive landscape with a beautiful view of the Grevelingenmeer.


4322 NN Scharendijke
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