Picking mussels from the beach

Here on Schouwen-duiveland mussels and oysters a delicacy. So are algae and seaweed. Fresh from the Oosterschelde and the North Sea, our island chefs use them in their most delicious plates. Did you know that sea vegetables can only be harvested with a permit? Luckily, we don’t need a permit to pick mussels and other seafood straight off the beach. For personal use, of course. Put on your wellies, bring a bucket, and go to the beach. Happy beachcombing!

Collecting seafood straight from the North Sea
Periwinkles, oysters, mussels - many kinds of seafood live in the Oosterschelde and the North Sea. How great is it that picking seafood for personal use is allowed on Schouwen-Duiveland? You may collect a maximum of 10 kilos for yourself. The small beaches along the dikes are great for picking oysters and periwinkles. The best spots on the island are the small beaches around Burghsluis, around Borrendamme west of Zierikzee, around Ouwerkerk, and along the Grevelingendam on the side facing the Oosterschelde, between the bathing ladder and Restaurant Grevelingen. The best time is when the tide is low and the sea reveals its delicious treasures. Slurp your first oyster right at the beach. Does your tongue like the salty taste? Back home, prepare the periwinkles: Boil them in water and remove them from their shells with a needle, like a real Zeelander. Picking seafood is a fantastic experience for those who love adventure and good food.

Sea vegetables
Have you ever tried veggies from the sea? Sea lavender, samphire, and different seaweeds grow in the waters around Schouwen-Duiveland. Our chefs on the island love to cook with these ingredients straight from the sea. To protect the fragile ecosystems, you’re only allowed to harvest sea vegetables with a special permit. Still curious? Try a sea veggie dish in the restaurant or buy it at one of the local stores.

Are you new to collecting seafood and do you want to ensure you do everything the right way? Let an expert show you how it's done. Join them on a culinary tour. They will teach you everything you need to know about seafood and vegetables. Together you pick mussels, oysters, and periwinkles. It’s one of the freshest ways to try the different flavors of the North Sea.